Intelligent tools
for serious research.


Save pages, links, documents and various media and files. Save for later, save what's interesting, important or useful. Your interestes combined can become a powerful tool for research.


Your collection is analyzed to discover people, places, events and topics. It all gets indexed for searching and categorized automatically.


All that content you didn't have time to fully read is now waiting for you with clean reader friendly formatting. Subscribe to feeds automatically built from your collection or create your own lists.


Highlight key passages and capture your thoughts as they happen right in the place where they happen.


Search your collection effortlessly. Find connections, browse by topic, timeline or annotations. The people places and events are called out and linked to Wikipedia. Launch new searches easily and incorporate new findings.


Piece together your ideas, with samples, quotes, notes, maps, embeds, and links to all your sources.


A clean and simple editor for distraction-free note taking and writing with rich text, markdown, latex, and html.


Make your case more authoritatively by properly citing your sources with ease.


Your collection is archived for posterity so you can cite and link to a source with no fear of 404's down the road because we've retained a backup for you.


All of your data, metadata, annotations and notebooks are stored in standard formats and can be downloaded in bulk or continually backed up to various cloud storage providers.


Invite others and manage the team effort toward a shared vision.


Put it out there, maybe just a list or a single page or your even your entire collection. You can make as much or as little public as you like.